Miranda is furious and upset after discovering Steve in Declan’s bedroom with Nicola. Rebecca finds Nicola crying on the front veranda and offers her sympathy, until she discovers why she is upset. As Rebecca comforts Miranda, Steve and Nicola’s actions cause a rift between Declan and Bridget.

Declan and Bridget are stunned when Donna rocks up to the party with Josh as her date, followed by throngs of her uninvited friends. As the night progresses, Josh keeps a jealous eye on Bridget, while Ty jealously watches Rachel.

Oliver is thrilled to receive an exciting job offer that will take him to New York City. A shocked Rebecca asks what he plans to do about Carmella and Chloe, and Oliver says he wants to take them with him. But Carmella isn’t yet over Marcus’s death, and Oliver is left having to make the tough decision whether to stay in Erinsborough or go for his dream job overseas.

Also, after finally deciding to pursue Libby, Dan is disappointed to spot a bike he recognises outside her house. Dan goes inside and angrily confronts Lucas.

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