Donna breaks Marlon’s heart

Donna worries for Ross when the rumour goes round that the reason he was transferred was because he was also a dodgy copper. Word gets out that Ross and Shane had had a fight on the last day he was seen alive and Paddy urges Donna to tell Marlon the truth about her affair before it all comes out. As she and Paddy argue, Marlon walks in on them and Donna tells her shell-shocked husband the truth. Marlon rails at her for telling him and storms out…

Val confronts Victoria about what she was up to at New Year, worried about what may be going on between her and Daz, but Victoria insists she was at a party. Later, Daz comforts Victoria when she overhears Scarlett wondering about her state of mind. Daz takes Victoria to the January sales to cheer her up and Val is uncomfortable at Daz and Victoria’s growing closeness.

Lily finds out that Leyla is sleeping rough in the factory and Leyla is forced to admits that the moonlighting story was a lie. Lily offers Leyla a room at Edna’s, despite Edna’s disapproval. Lily and Edna row about Leyla moving in, so Lily moves back in with Pearl and takes Leyla with her.

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