With the wedding plans and rehearsals in full swing, mother of the Groom, Prue and father of the Bride, Nick clash. However, after the pair storm off following another row they are nowhere to be seen… until Donna arrives at Prue’s hotel room and is shocked to see Prue and Nick both in bath robes! However, when Prue explains that she’s separated from Ringo’s father, Donna is put in an awkward situation, as Ringo is unaware.

Declan is frantically trying to get hold of Diana to find out when the conference call is going to take place when Paul walks in and smugly tells him that the call has been cancelled and Diana has been sacked. When Paul makes it clear that he is not happy with Declan, Declan is visibly worried about what Paul’s going to do.

When Paul catches Rebecca going through the accounts for PirateNet he becomes very agitated. A curious Rebecca asks Paul to get her coat so they can go out for a drink and while he is gone she soon works out why Paul was so cagey. Rebecca nips to Declan’s room and tells him what she has discovered and soon realises that Declan knew! When she asks who the anonymous donor was, Declan informs Rebecca that there was no donor, Paul embezzled the money from Lassiters.

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