Donna stands up to Paul after she overhears his attempts to sabotage Elle’s new job. Paul warns her not to meddle in Robinson business or he will kick her out. Ignoring Paul’s warning, Donna stands up to him to defend Elle, but the encounter simply reinforces Donna’s deep fear that she is an outsider who will never become a fully accepted member of a family.

Declan and Bridget discuss who they will choose as a godparent for India. They soon realize that they have very different opinions on the matter. After deciding on the criteria for the ‘right godparent’, they put their friends to the test to see who would be the most suitable. Disappointed with the results, they discuss their friends’ failings, unaware that the whole conversation is being broadcast via India’s baby monitor. The rest of the gang are very upset by what they hear.

Lucas is under pressure to pay off his gambling debt to Johnno. Unable to meet his payment deadline and feeling under threat, Lucas is forced to call Dan for help. But will Dan be able to help him in time? Or will it be too late?