Donna cracks under the pressure

Donna’s determination to crack on with the house build is put on hold after a series of setbacks when the septic tank overflows and she’s floored by a cold. Donna can’t take the strain any longer and breaks down on Viv, who is horrified by her daughter’s distress. Viv convinces Donna to move in with her for a time to gather her strength and she lays into Marlon for failing to notice Donna’s stress level.

Marlon is gutted by Donna’s decision to move out of the caravan and realises that they need some help from professional builders to carry on. Eli is worried about his brother and suggests going on a ‘job’ with him to earn some easy cash.

Jimmy is determined to convince Matthew and Carl to take Scarlett into the family fold and he talks Carl into taking Scarlett horse riding with him. The brothers have a fun day out with their little sister, even though Matthew still refuses to take any interest in her. The day ends on a sour note when a furious Carrie arrives in the village and warns Jimmy that if he takes Scarlett out of school again without her knowledge, she’ll call the police.

Bob is pleasantly surprised to get a visit from Eddie, who helps him look after the twins while Viv goes to court for Kelly’s preliminary hearing. Eddie bumps into Lisa and invites her for a quick drink in the Woolpack. Bob is wary when he finds out what Eddie’s been up to and warns him against trying it on with Lisa.

Also, Perdy and Paul get their friendship back on track; Jack reminisces about Sarah with Victoria.