With Marlon refusing to have anything to do with April, Donna prepares to leave the village with their daughter. Rhona, meanwhile, is adamant that Marlon’s son, Leo, should be a part of his big sister’s life, so takes the little lad to meet April, but the chef isn’t impressed to see them together. In a last ditch attempt, Donna tells Marlon that she while he might hate her, he shouldn’t let his daughter suffer because of it. Later, Donna and April say an emotional farewell to Bob and Brenda – but is Marlon really able to let his daughter walk out of his life for good?

As Pete tells Moira about his relationship with Debbie, Chas advises Debbie to not let her experience with Cameron ruin her life, especially when it comes to love. Ross overhears the conversation and spots an opportunity to  stir things up by telling Debbie that Pete’s been mouthing off about their relationship. Needless to say, Debbie isn’t impressed…

Meanwhile, Ruby and Ali’s IVF dreams are shattered when the bank turns them down for a loan.