Donna defends herself to Ringo

Donna follows Ringo home to try and explain herself, so Naomi goes into the bedroom to give them some space. Donna insists that she was nothing but nice to Naomi. Ringo believes her as he knows she’s not a vindictive person. Donna thinks she should talk to Naomi and clear the air, but Ringo tiredly says he’ll sort everything out.

Kate is worried about her first day teaching. Libby tells Kate she’s going to be fine; everyone gets wobbly in their first class. In class, Callum drags a chair to his desk disrupting Kate while she’s trying to talk and when Kate mentions the Blitz in passing, Callum tries to go off on a different tangent, asking all sorts of questions and eventually flying a paper plane around the room – right into the new principal, Michael Williams. Kate’s mortified. Will she lose her job so soon?

Later, Donna sees Naomi hugging a guy that isn’t Ringo. Donna tries to take a photo on her phone but her battery is dead. She watches in despair as Naomi gives the guy a kiss on the cheek and walks away. When Donna confronts Naomi, she claims the mystery guy is her brother. But Donna isn’t convinced.

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