Donna Dingle returns! (VIDEO)

As Paddy forges ahead with plans for Marlon’s 40th birthday party, Bob answers a phone call at the café and tries to make out it was the bread man, but there’s clearly more to it than tomorrow’s crusty loaves! All becomes clear though when Bob nervously waits for someone and his stepdaughter Donna turns up with her daughter, April. But what’s the reason for her sudden return? And how will Marlon react when he discovers his ex is back in the village?

David frustrated when his attempts to talk to Priya’s doctor hit a brick wall. Although he’s unable to find out much about her condition, he’s devastated to realise that he may have been the trigger for her eating disorder! 

As Megan informs Jai about Charity’s plans to plead poverty in their divorce, it seems he’s found the ideal person to help him fight his corner. But how far will she go to see Charity well and truly stitched up?