Donna drags Ringo to safety

Kate becomes the chief suspect in the Robinson house fire. Elle and Susan don’t want to believe it, but when Susan raises the subject with Kate, she takes offence and quits her job at Harold’s Store and decides to move her family away from Ramsay Street. When Susan pushes the subject further, she gets to the bottom of Kate’s guilt – she merely stole apples from the Robinson backyard and didn’t want to admit it.

After dragging semi-conscious Ringo from the fire Donna accompanies him to hospital, distraught at the prospect of losing him. Donna tells Elle how scared she was and that she just needed her there. Elle hasn’t the heart to tell Donna she caused the fire, by putting a scarf over a lamp.

Miranda is concerned about Steve’s feelings for Rebecca when he insists on calling Rebecca to tell her about the Robinson’s House fire. After seeing him consoling her the day before, she’s paranoid they may be developing a relationship together. When she asks if he loves Rebecca, he is outraged and she admits her jealousy. Miranda tells Steve she still loves him and unable to deny their mutual feelings, they kiss, however Steve pulls away without telling Miranda why.

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