After being arrested for theft, Donna blames the burglary on Naomi, despite the mounting evidence pointing at her.

Libby is livid at Doug for his participation in Donna’s arrest, but he explains that if he hadn’t reported her, he could have lost his job. The neighbours are of different opinions over Donna’s innocence, although Rebecca reminds a doubtful Paul and Toadie that they have Donna’s word and that’s good enough.

Constable Page discovers that Donna’s laptop has information about Naomi on it, evidence that Donna was stalking her. Although the case against Donna is building, she is released but, to her horror, she is later charged with breaking and entering, and theft.

Meanwhile, Ringo and his friends break in to Naomi’s house in a bid to find evidence to clear Donna. Declan finds a disturbing shrine to Ringo, a mannequin wearing a blonde wig and Naomi’s missing medical file from the hospital. Naomi is arrested, and Ringo comes to terms with how unstable she is, apologising to Donna for not heeding her warnings. He bumps into Naomi as she leaves the police station after being released on bail but she receives a restraining order, forbidding her to make contact with Ringo. How will Ringo react to this distressing turn of events?

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