Donna gets a shock!

Donna tells Cass to leave town and her life forever. In response, Cass decides to reveal the truth about her life and her failed marriage with Matt – Matt is not Donna’s father! Her real father split as soon as she fell pregnant to Donna, and suddenly Donna’s world comes crumbling down.

Bridget fears her unborn baby will be left fatherless when Declan is electrocuted trying to save Elle’s cat. Fuelled by their father-son bond, Paul is instrumental in saving Declan but remains modest about his heroics. Already struggling to fight her feelings, Rebecca is annoyed that Paul has made it impossible for her to hate him and sparks fly as she thanks him with a warm embrace!

Toadie and Ty talk about Declan’s accident and the possibility of losing love, when Toadie realises that Ty wants to be with Rachel. Toadie tries to convince him to follow her to London, but Ty’s afraid of making the jump and avoids the conversation altogether.

Toadie decides to take matters into his own hands and gets in touch with Rachel who soon sends Ty a heartfelt message telling him they belong together and she wants him to join her in the UK. Will he take the leap and give in to love?

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