Donna gets a step closer to her real dad

With Cass’s diary ruined after Donna accidentally knocked a candle on it, she attempts to peel apart the remains of the diary but is unsuccessful. Upset, Donna believes she will never know who her real father is. However, Zeke encourages Donna to keep searching for her dad and tries to reassure her that there could be more clues in the box, so they begin searching again.

Donna is convinced university lecturer Nick McKay is her father, especially after she finds a spell Cass was working on to split him and his then girlfriend up in the box. Donna also finds an old photo of Cass taken on campus and Zeke helps her identify the university. Recruiting Summer, they sneak into the university’s archives and, after some close shaves, retrieve the file they are looking for. But what shocking information does the file contain?

Learning of Donna’s situation, exhausted Steph fears she’ll end up putting her baby through the same heartache. Toadie reassures Steph she’s nothing like Cass and helps her regain her sense of control over the pregnancy by making plans for the months ahead. Back at the garage, Toadie’s protectiveness of Steph fires up Lucas and when pushed too far, Lucas plays his trump card.

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