Donna gets close to the truth

Donna is determined to find out more about the robbery at the bookie’s and when she looks at the CCTV tape she sees the robber spraying paint on the camera. Donna remembers that Eli had paint on his arm at the hospital in the aftermath of the shooting, and after a bit more digging she discovers that Eli lied about where he was. Meanwhile, Marlon agrees to rob the Woolpack on Eli’s behalf to get him out of Tall Trees.

Rosemary is determined to get Katie together with Gray and her plan seems to be working when Katie mentions that she feels sorry for Gray’s troubles. Katie and Paul visit Perdy but Katie feels down when she learns that Perdy is on the mend and she guiltily realises that she has enjoyed having Gray to herself.

Jo gets ready for the grand opening of her petting farm and she’s touched when Andy turns up with a rescue donkey for the farm. Jo has trouble trying to milk one of her goats when it gets stage fright in front of the playgroup kids, but Sam comes to the rescue and the day is a huge success.

Also, Diane contrives to get Val back with Pollard.