Donna gets Eli arrested

Donna discovers that the feedbag she found at the Dingles was discontinued and suspects that the one around Shane’s body came from the Dingle homestead. Donna confronts Eli and is convinced of his guilt by his reaction and she takes her suspicions to her superiors.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is terrified that Eli will spill the beans about the murder. Debbie comforts Jasmine and she moves in for a kiss and Jasmine reciprocates. Eli catches them together and is worried that the girls are getting too close and may try to frame him for murder. Eli reveals that Donna practically accused him of killing Shane. The police order a search of the Dingles’ barn and Eli is dragged away for questioning. Donna is worried when he vows revenge.

Mark learns that Natasha has told Katie she wants her out of the office. Mark and Natasha have a set to about Katie, and Mark insists that Katie is not a threat and talks her into letting Katie continue to use the estate office. Rodney is not so lucky when he’s told he’s no longer needed as estate manager.

Also, Aaron tells Paddy he knows he has a crush on Chas and will keep it secret if Paddy makes it worth his while!

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