It’s the day before Ringo starts his new job as a builder, but he is keen to keep it quiet. However, when Donna appears at Charlie’s with a gift for him – a tool belt with his name written on in glitter – everyone knows his news, and laughs at his glittery gift! When Toadie finds out that Ringo will be working for Jim Doolan, he is clearly concerned.

At school, Natasha manages to catch a moment with her dad and she apologises for slapping him and promises to start behaving. Later, when Libby tells Natasha that instead of detention, she wants her to join the Mathletics club, Natasha protests, but when her dad appears in the room she remembers her promise and agrees.

At the building site, Toadie arrives to speak to Jim about a settlement on a previous job where the client didn’t think Jim’s construction was up to standard. Jim is not pleased to see Toadie and a heated argument ensues. When Toadie returns to tell Jim the client has agreed to pay half, Jim asks who the client is. When Toadie tells him it’s Marcus Trang, Jim informs Toadie that he is working for Paul Robinson. Toadie cannot believe he has been conned into working for Paul.

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