Donna introduces James to her pals

Ringo still remains suspicious of James, even when the other teens in the street are won over by his easy-going nature and seemingly honest persona. But Ringo only wants to protect Donna, and he soon realises that his criticism is driving her further away. Ringo considers this and in the end he concedes his support to the situation on one condition – that she asks James for a DNA test.

Kate just wants to dance the night away at the Deb, however her plans are thwarted when she learns Harry wants to go to the dance. He’s heard from Kyle that Deb balls are a great place to pick up girls. Kate tries hard to dissuade Harry from the ball, but this only results in an argument and she’s forced to confront Kyle and plead for him not to influence Harry anymore. Kyle agrees to play along with her, but insists he’ll only stay away from Harry on one condition, if Kate agrees to partner him. How desperate is Kate to keep Harry away from the Deb?

Too proud to accept any help or apply for Special Consideration, Declan risks his VCE by not applying himself to his studies. He think it’s just a test, big deal!

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