Donna isn’t sure whether to read Cass’s diary following Kate’s warning that it could do her more harm than good. Zeke offers to read the diary for Donna and see if it holds any information about her father. But Zeke gets sidetracked by the exciting tales in Cass’s diary and Donna resorts to reading it alone. She soon realises that was a big mistake as she reads about Cass’s negative reaction to becoming pregnant and is too hurt to continue. Zeke, Kate and Declan come up with a novel way to help her through this, but is more heartache in store for Donna?

After being banned from the hospital for interfering, Lyn spends her time sniping at Karl. Susan tries to broker a truce between them, but when that fails, Susan starts to wonder if there is a reason for Lyn’s frantic busyness and if the problem is closer to home that they thought?

Toadie is disconcerted when he can’t remember how his night out with Lucas ended. Fearing he may have let slip one of his many secrets, Toadie treads cautiously when he next sees Lucas. Lucas assures Toadie he has nothing to worry about. What revenge is he planning?

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