Donna is hopeful about Nick

Donna is desperate to find out the truth about the man who may or may not be her father. After adopting ‘Kelly’ as a different name, she goes to work undercover at his bar with the hope of finally finding out the truth. Nosey Donna is soon finding out little bits of information about Nick, but just as she’s starting to dig a bit deeper, he tells her it’s time to get to work. As she works, Donna slowly realises that Nick’s a good guy who likes people to be honest, so just what will he think when she finally has to come clean about her true identity?

After being humiliated at university by a mothering Susan, Zeke decides that today is the day to form his new ‘Blokes Club’. But Declan has other ideas. He’s eager to have some time on his own with Kate, but Zeke won’t take no for an answer.

Lucas and Karl overhear Zeke’s plans, and immediately want to be part of the gang. Declan soon finds that the pressure is mounting for him to take part. Can he hang out with the guys and be ‘blokey’, while still giving Kate the much-deserved time she needs?

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