Donna is traumatised by Saffron’s abuse, and sinks into her shell, withdrawing from family and friends. Donna stubbornly refuses to give much away but having experienced an abusive relationship herself, Rebecca spots the tell-tale signs and persists. Eventually, Elle manages to get the truth out of Donna as she breaks down.

Reassuring Donna this isn’t her fault, they eventually give the reluctant Donna the courage to press charges against Saffron. But she is left unsure about what the future holds for her dreams of a fashion career.

While in New York, Elle fell in love with the city but she missed Lucas and Donna. She downplays her success in New York and claims to be happy to be back in Lucas’ arms. However, upon checking her credit card statement, she realises she’s overspent since James’ swindle and will have to budget.

Lucas attempts to show her budgeting can actually be fun and most importantly, bring them closer. However when Paul, looking to show Rebecca his commitment, offers to buy the Robinson house back from Elle, she is tempted to sell. Elle finally agrees to sell, with the one condition being that they keep it quiet from Lucas.

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