An upset Nicola abides by Steve’s ultimatum and leaves town without telling anyone. But Bronte runs off and ends up getting hit by a speeding car, which happens to be driven by Donna who has stolen her father’s police car again. After finding stricken Bronte on the side of the road, Donna calls Ringo for help and they both manage to get the dog to Steve’s before persuading Lucas to fix the damaged car. Donna worries her dad Matt will find out what she has done and does her best to hide the truth from him. However, Donna is unaware that she has also hit Nicola, who is lying hidden at the side of the road, fighting for her life.

Steve is riddled with guilt to hear of Nicola’s disappearance and begins to pull away from Miranda. After Miranda promises to be there for him when he is ready to talk, Steve finally confesses his guilt over his harsh conversation with Nicola, but Miranda surprises him with her sympathy and understanding.

Bridget is unhappy when Mickey tries to blackmail her again and tries to find out what is really behind his behaviour.

Also, Lucas flirts with Elle.

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