Donna is onto Naomi

Naomi is running on the treadmill when Donna tells her that she received the picture but Naomi denies all knowledge. Later, when a mysterious package turns up containing pictures of Donna going about her daily business, Rebecca insists they call the police.

Sick of everyone talking about Toadie and Steph’s wedding, Lucas latches onto Michael. But his decision to offer the new guy membership to the Bloke’s club without putting it to a vote does not go down well with the other guys.

Someone has destroyed Donna’s fashion presentation and so Susan calls the police. Rebecca declares that this is a waste of time as they all know who did it.

When Karl arrives at work, he and Doug hear someone in another room stealing Naomi’s hospital file. The person runs out, dropping files – and Donna’s shrugolero – behind them. Karl says he knows who it is, and he’d like to talk to her first. Doug gives him 20 minutes.

Back at the Robinsons’ house, Donna is asleep on the sofa. Rebecca and Paul tell Karl that Donna hasn’t left the house. Donna wakes up, and when confronted by Karl, says she wasn’t there and that she has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately for her, Doug has already called the police and Donna is arrested for burglary.

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