Donna is pushed to the limit

Donna is upset when Vaughan suggests she withdraw her complaint against Shane, as they can’t prove her allegations. Donna is at breaking point when Shane threatens her again and she tells Marlon that she’s thinking of resigning. Ross overhears and, feeling guilty, he confesses to Marlon about why he didn’t back up Donna’s allegations. Marlon is furious but he agrees to keep it from Donna in return for Ross’s help in getting back at Shane.

Shadrach is nervous about getting to know his daughter but he makes a big effort and cooks a meal in preparation for Gennie’s visit. Chas arrives late and the others have already started and she is put out when Shadrach admits that he forgot she was coming. Chas’s jealousy is compounded as she witnesses her father and his ‘new’ daughter bonding over the pigs in the sty.

Lexi is annoyed with Carl for blowing hot and cold with her when he is businesslike with her at work and she confronts him about his behaviour. Carl reminds Lexi that although he is up for some bedroom fun, he isn’t answerable to her at work.

Also, Laurel and Ashley get the DNA confirmation that they weren’t Daniel’s birth parents.