Donna Yates discovers she’s made a terrible mistake about Robbie!

Donna Yates finds out she’s misjudged Robbie Fowler over his Secret Santa gift when Kush points out there’s been a mix up.

Donna feels bad about how she treated Robbie when Kush hands over her real Secret Santa. Kush explains that there was a mix up with the presents and Donna realises she was completely in the wrong for having a go at him. Will she make things right?

Karen finds out that Bernadette has bought Christmas stockings for Riley and Chatham. Angry that Bernadette has spent money they don’t have, Karen has a go at her daughter. Upset by Karen’s outburst, Bernadette gives her mum a few home truths.

Feeling put in her place by Bernadette, Karen later finds some unwanted Christmas decorations and hatches a plan. She sends the kids out to sing carols in the Square with the other residents then decorates the flat as a surprise.