Kate and Zeke up their game in trying to get Donna to take her place at Design School. However, knowing she doesn’t want to talk about it, they begin plotting behind her back and start by taking her portfolio. With everyone pulling together, Kate and Zeke put on a fashion show at Charlie’s using all of Donna’s designs. However, their plan backfires when Donna walks out, seemingly unimpressed. A heart-to-heart with Kate follows and Donna admits she doesn’t want to leave all of her great friends behind. Kate reassures her and the neighbours are relieved to hear she will take her place at Design School.

Knowing Lyn is being blackmailed by Paul, Rebecca continues to help her. When Lyn invites her over to the Williams’ for lunch, Rebecca uses it as an opportunity to meet up with Michael. However, back home, she has a reality check and doesn’t think she can cope with the sneaking around. Following a conversation with Toadie, about a case he is working on, Rebecca realises that there might be a way out of her relationship with Paul. She heads over to see Michael telling him she wants them to be together but it will be tricky and he must be patient.

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