Donna quits – and Saffron’s not happy!

Donna throws away her career and quits her fashion internship, by leaving a voicemail on Saffron’s mobile. But no one dumps Saffron Jankievicz! Saffron confronts Donna at school, and tells her off for quitting in a message. She will see her at Charlie’s at 6pm sharp to discuss her future with her company.

Donna tells Ringo about stealing the design and he tells her to come clean. All hell breaks loose when Donna finally comes clean about stealing the design and Saffron accuses her of being a thief. However, Donna defends herself – what about her ‘scelt’ that Saffron claimed as her own idea? Saffron offers her internship back, and cancels all production of the ‘stolen’ design immediately.

Kate doesn’t tell her family that she has rejected the opportunity to dance at Jason Coleman’s showcase in order to attend Sophie’s school award ceremony. When Sophie sees her there, she’s furious and insists that she go to the showcase immediately.

When they get there, they’re too late, however Harry helps Kate sneak in and she manages to convince Jason to let her audition. But just when it seems Kate may have achieved her dream, Jason Coleman tells her that she hasn’t got what it takes to be a dancer!

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