Donna refuses to come home

Donna refuses to come home until she finds James, makes it up to Elle and proves she’s a good person. She reveals she knows about Elle’s New York Chronicle job and the news shocks Lucas. As he and Elle struggle to communicate how much they mean to each other, Lucas shows his support for Donna. And when a woman at the local pub comes forward with information about James, Donna realises she’s not alone in her mistake.

Susan’s worried about Ringo’s vague behaviour. Once he returns from the country she decides to find out what he’s doing. When she catches Ringo being tutored by Libby, Susan’s upset to discover her tutoring wasn’t up to scratch.

Feeling indebted to Harry after his hard work to buy her dance classes, Kate’s at a loss as how to express her gratitude. She’s appalled when she realises Harry has got a crush on her nemesis, Amanda Fowler, but Sophie thinks setting Harry up with her is the perfect way for Kate to say thank you. Kate is reluctant, but she’s finally convinced to set up a Blueboard page for Harry and friend request Amanda as a way of figuring out if she’s interested. Unfortunately, it all goes horribly wrong.