Donna rethinks her feelings for Ross

After Ross put his heart on the line and made it clear that he wanted more from Donna, she was reluctant to get into deep with him. Eventually, however, she agreed that they should start dating like a proper couple, but  insisted they should keep the relationship under wraps. Now, however, things have cooled between the pair and it seems Ross has already moved on! When Donna calls round and finds he’s spent the night with another woman it looks like she’s not quite so ready to give up on their fledgling relationship.

Priya’s decided that an arranged marriage isn’t such a great idea and has cancelled any further meetings with potential
husbands so she’s unprepared when a suitor named Rakesh turns up on her doorstep. When it
transpires that Rakesh never received the message Priya sent to cancel their arrangement to meet, he suggests they could still go for a coffee. Priya, however, isn’t even dressed yet – she’s still wearing a dressing gown, which is covered in baby sick, so she has to turn down the offer and send Rakesh on his way.

Meanwhile, Marlon puts Laurel on the spot when he asks her to bring their wedding forward to ensure that terminally-ill Donna will be around to see them tie the knot…