Donna sets up Eli

Donna is desperate to get Eli out of Tall Trees and she’s furious when he tells Donna and Marlon that he’ll only leave if they pay him off. A miserable Marlon considers giving himself up, but Donna comes up with a plan to get rid of Eli once and for all. Donna gives Eli the ‘password’ to a warehouse and tells him to steal whatever he wants…

Laurel gets a surprise visit from parents Doug and Hilary, but her initial delight at seeing them soon wears off when Hilary starts trying to take charge of baby Daniel. Later, Hilary overhears Emily apologising to Ashley and is suspicious that something is going on between them.

Debbie, Lexi and Chas are eager to find a buyer for their stolen necklace and they approach Pollard, who quickly realises that it’s been knocked off. A wily Pollard tells Debbie that he’s found a buyer, but he wants 50 per cent of the profits for arranging the sale. Debbie double-crosses the girls and tells them she turned down Pollard’s offer, but she plots to cut a deal with Pollard and replace the necklace with a fake to keep Chas and Lexi out of the picture.

Also, Grace’s mother has a stroke.