Sunny reveals that’s she’s never been kissed and Zeke promises to make the first time special. However, Ringo’s not happy when he hears that Sunny won’t write love letters to Donna for him anymore, knowing he doesn’t have what it takes to write something so poetic himself, he panics that he’s going to lose the good thing he’s got.

Donna reveals how much the letters mean to her so Sunny gives in and tells Ringo she’ll write one more for him. When Ringo takes Donna on a romantic picnic she puts him on the spot and asks him to speak to her like he does in the love letters, but he can’t, and Donna realises he wasn’t the one who wrote the letters.

Sunny explains why she wrote what she did and that there was truth in her words. Overwhelmed, Donna plants a kiss on Sunny’s lips, stealing her first kiss from Zeke.

Rebecca refuses to give anything away about Paul’s whereabouts, despite being questioned as an accessory. She hides the problem from Declan but Detective Skinner keeps up the pressure and Declan finds out anyway. Frustrated, he questions the price of his mother’s loyalty to a man who has always done her harm, and she in turn demands his loyalty, trust and support.

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