Donna is determined to impress in the build-up to an important show at Saffron’s fashion studio. But Ringo finds the way Saffron treats her staff – a constant roller-coaster of abuse and rewards – hard to accept. In a vulnerable moment, Saffron opens up and Donna comforts her.

Donna’s confident their new, deeper connection will lead to a valuable professional relationship, but is dismayed to find Saffron’s temper as harsh as ever. Donna finally finds the courage to stand up to Saffron, but is shocked by the consequences.

Kate is set on making up for her sisterly neglect by scoring Sarah as Harry’s date for the Deb. Hatching a makeshift plan, she conspires with Zeke and Sunny to split Sarah from her commitment to ‘meathead’ Kyle Canning. But it all goes horribly wrong.

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