It’s the first day of university for Donna, and when Summer tells her that she knows about the DVD of her and Andrew together, Donna becomes nervous. Donna soon realises that Summer is not the only one who knows about the DVD, it seems the whole campus has seen it!

Kate and Declan give Donna moral support on her first day but disaster strikes when the manufacturer of her Shrugoleros loses her master design and she has to start again from scratch in order to meet her client orders. She works overtime with the help of her friends to get a new master off to the manufacturer, but misses her visual merchandising class in the process.

When Donna’s lecturer tells her she’s not cut out for uni, she almost quits, until Declan tells her to toughen up and continue with her dreams. However, her dreams come crashing down when she shows up to class to find her sworn-enemy, Saffron, as guest speaker!

Steph is upset after her fight with Libby, and wants to end her relationship with Toadie. However, Toadie tells her to hold it together so Libby doesn’t find out about her affair with Dan. When Libby witnesses a display of affection between her two best friends, she finally makes peace with Steph.

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