Donna is optimistic that her dad’s operation will be a success but Derek is worried he won’t make it and does a runner. Donna finds him swigging whisky in a stairwell and lays into him – why does he always let her down when she’s worked so hard to save his life?

Determined to carry on with the op, she tries to get Maria to flush Derek’s system. Ric finds out, and is reluctant to perform the operation. Donna makes her dad feel guilty, but then he takes a dramatic turn for the worse and Ric has no choice but to take him into theatre. Will Derek survive?

Meanwhile, Jayne tells Connie that the chairman is visiting today and has suggested he watches Connie operate – a chance to impress him before the director of surgery interviews. The chairman is a friend of Lady Byrne, so Connie decides to drop Jac. But when Joseph is being sloppy, Jac steps in to save the day and Connie is impressed.

Oliver knocks into the chairman and Daisha is quick to inform Linden, who is unimpressed. He tells Oliver he needs to pull his socks up ASAP, as he’s getting a reputation as the ward joker. Later, Daisha covers for Oliver leaving him confused. Is she on his side or not? Chrissie invites him for a drink, but he turns her down.