Donna suspects Eli of murder

Donna feels uncomfortable at Zak’s birthday party and she is cornered by Debbie, who tells her to leave Ross alone for Marlon‘s sake. Donna thinks Eli and Debbie are behaving suspiciously and she follows them outside, but can’t hear their conversation. Donna sees a feedbag in the barn that looks like the one tied around Shane’s body and later she heads to the police station to go through the crime photos.

Natasha takes a guided tour of the estate with Rodney and after finding out more about Shane’s murder she worries that it may have a negative effect on Home Farm’s reputation. On her return to Home Farm she finds Mark moving furniture with Katie and feels jealous about their familiarity. Later, Natasha warns Katie to keep her distance from Mark.

Chas is upset when Aaron isn’t invited to Zak’s birthday party and refuses to go without him. Paddy offers his support and tells her that she and Aaron can stay as long as they need to, but he manages to hide his growing feelings for Chas.

Also, Rodney is suspicious about why Paul is staying in the village and Val lies that Pollard has a heart condition and Paul is staying to support him!

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