Donna tracks down Freddie

Donna is stunned when she spots someone who looks suspiciously like Freddie on CCTV footage from a shop. Donna talks Ross into visiting the shop and the shopkeeper recognises Freddie and provides an address. The house is empty, but Donna talks Ross into staking it out.

Rodney finishes a new Rollercoaster Rod story with a revamped Diane character. Rodney and Nicola are relieved when Diane reads the manuscript and is pleased. Nicola cunningly takes hold of the manuscript for ‘safekeeping’.

Rodney wants to cheer up a downbeat Paul and he decides that some family bonding will do the trick. Paul and Nicola are speechless when Rodney suggests that they make a quilt to enter into the village show.

Also, Jamie gives Viv a makeover for her upcoming court appearance.