Donna tricks Irene

Irene decides to attend Lou’s funeral. Donna calls round and makes peace with her, telling her the service is at two o’clock. But later, Irene realises Donna deliberately told her the wrong time and she’s missed everything. Donna smugly says Irene now looks even more guilty of Lou’s murder. Annie and Geoff organise a small memorial near the water and Irene finally gets to say goodbye to Lou herself.

Kirsty grounds Nicole, despite Nicole’s protests that she needs Trey. Kirsty worries that Trey is taking advantage, but Nicole insists all they did was sleep. Kirsty hears otherwise at The Diner. Nicole sneaks Trey into her bedroom again, and while she records her voiceover for Jai’s film, things get amorous. Their lovemaking is about to be caught on video!

Xavier tells Jai that Ruby wants them to have sex on her birthday. Ruby confides the same to Annie but this only serves to highlight Jai and Annie’s platonic relationship. Annie avoids Jai and later admits she doesn’t want to be like Ruby and Xavier. Jai assures her that he is happy to wait.

Bartlett tells Geoff that the school football season may end early this year. Alf tells Geoff that the team Tony coaches is looking for another player. Could he play for them?

*Showing on RTE One, Friday July 10*

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