Donna tries to arrest Freddie

Donna has spent all night outside Freddie’s house, but Freddie is nowhere to be seen. Donna realises that Viv and Bob‘s court case is about to start, but she knows that finding Freddie could be their only hope of freedom. She convinces Ross to stay with her and wait it out in case he appears.

Freddie finally emerges from the house with a suitcase and Donna rushes over to arrest him. A stunned Freddie wrestles off Donna and punches Ross then jumps in his car and speeds away. Donna orders Ross back into the police car and they give chase and Ross is terrified as Donna puts her foot down. The high-speed chase ends in tragedy when they crash and Freddie ends up dead, while Donna is badly injured.

Pearl steals Betty’s keys and sneaks into her house to steal her quilt back. Pearl is caught red-handed by a half-naked Turner but manages to do a runner with the quilt. Later, Turner tries to get the quilt back from Pearl, but they have a tug of war over it and the quilt is torn. Turner and Pearl repair it and they get on well and Turner leans in for a kiss!