Donna decides to try to lift Rachel’s spirits and use Hamish and Andy’s radio show to help repair her rift with Ty. The DJs agree to play a song for Rachel but end up interviewing her about Ty and Angus on the air, leaving her embarrassed. Things get worse when Donna blabs more details about Rachel’s love life. But although things didn’t go to plan, the experience brings Rachel and Ty one step closer to reconciliation when Ty offers her a singing job with his band.

After seeing Karl in a clinch with Nicola, old wounds are re-opened in Karl and Susan’s marriage. Torn, Karl keeps Nicola’s confidence and is unable to tell Susan the whole truth about Nicola’s predicament. But Nicola eventually persuades Susan that nothing went on between her and Karl.

Lucas confronts Libby about not returning his calls. Libby is clear she doesn’t want any more games between them. But when Libby discovers that Dan was injured in a fight with Lucas over her, she is disgusted and disowns them both.

And Paul hassles Susan about taking the job on the newspaper and doubles the offer to persuade her to sign on. He then takes advantage of Susan’s low mood to secure her services.