Donna triumphs over Shane

Donna is suspicious when Marlon tries to talk her out of going back to work and she finds out he’s planning a sting on Shane. Ross admits that he’s planted drugs in Shane’s locker and Donna storms into work to retrieve the stash. Shane catches her in his locker but she stands her ground and gains the moral high ground, leaving Shane suitably chastised.

Lexi is pleased when she is allowed to sit in on Carl’s meeting with Donald. Lexi finds out their plans to rebrand De Souza Enterprises with a greener image and she passes the information on to Matthew. When Matthew pays her for her good work she feels a pang of guilt.

Val is delighted when Diane finally agrees to her making a few changes to The Woolpack. However, Val’s mood soon sours when, after a disagreement with Lisa, the whole Dingle clan blacklist the pub until a full apology is received. Val is forced to sub the Dingles food and refreshments for the evening to appease them. Diane is furious and tells Val that it has cost a fortune and she can put pay to her refurbishment plans.

Also, Miles helps Jasmine move back to Tug Ghyll and Eli is evicted from his room onto the sofa.