Donna urges Sunny to kiss Zeke

Toadie needs to destroy every copy of his new script before Steph sees it. When Toadie tries to steal it from Steph’s house Greg catches him and threatens to tell Steph what sort of man Toadie really is! Preferring Steph to hear about the script from him rather than Greg, he asks Steph to read it in front of him. Steph agrees, however she’s not impressed after reading the ending and walks out in anger.

Dan has organised a camp for the students to rehearse the school play but, as Toadie has recalled the script, Dan has nothing to work with. The teens, however, see the camp as a way to have some fun. Sunny is worried that her first kiss with Zeke will be live on stage and Donna advises her to get it out of the way and kiss Zeke at school camp.

Meanwhile, Ringo takes the opportunity to reignite his relationship with Donna, but his dreams are shattered when Donna kisses Kyle. Everyone wants to see Zeke and Sunny kiss so Bridget organises a game of truth or dare. As part of the game Sunny agrees to be locked in a cupboard with Zeke for 10 minutes. Will Sunny finally kiss Zeke?

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