Donna walks out on Marlon

Donna is horrified by Marlon’s confession and she refuses to believe that Eli didn’t push him into it. Marlon insists that the robbery was his idea, but he tells her that he did it for her and the kids. Marlon also reveals that Eli has been blackmailing him. Donna is disgusted that Marlon could even contemplate armed robbery and she’s even more appalled when he admits that they also stole a lorry.

Eli walks in on Donna and Marlon and he’s stunned that Marlon has told Donna the truth about the robbery. He regains his composure and sneeringly says that she won’t confess to the police. Eli retreats to Debbie’s and reveals what has happened and Debbie forces a meeting.

Debbie reminds Donna of the Dingle code, but when Donna reveals that she’s thinking of shopping both Marlon and Eli, Debbie points out that Donna’s career would be over. Donna realises the truth in Debbie’s words and she tells Eli to get out. Donna confronts Marlon and she tells him that their marriage is over and she’s going to move in with Viv…