Ringo and Donna’s wedding plans become very one-sided. Lucas questions why Donna is going along with the blokey wedding and Donna reveals it’s her way of repaying Ringo for the sacrifices he’s made for her. Ringo is wise to the fact that Donna can’t say no to him and feels the only way to get Donna to speak up is to make the wedding so ludicrous she’ll eventually crack. When this backfires, Ringo decides to be honest and they agree to start over with the wedding plans. However, Ringo’s fun deception strikes a chord with Kate – is she really OK with Declan keeping secrets from her?

Unable to let go of his worry that something is causing Chris to act out, Michael launches a senior school project encouraging honesty. He asks the pupils to record a secret they are keeping as a means of getting it off their chests. Chris decides to take the opportunity to tell Summer the truth about what’s going on for him and records his secret on her iPod without her knowing. However, classroom fun threatens to reveal Chris’ secret publicly and Libby accuses Michael of making Chris’s problems worse. Michael calls Chris to his office and when Chris inadvertently reveals his secret, Michael realises it’s a lot more serious than he thought.

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