It’s the first week of exams and Donna’s way behind with her studies. It’s her 18th birthday, however, and she’s determined to celebrate. She plans a special day with her friends, starting with breakfast and ending with a night out on the town, but it’s the day before the exams and they can’t possibly do everything.

Donna receives a beautiful necklace from Saffron but when she goes to ring Saffron, Rebecca intervenes. Later, Donna’s birthday ends on a sour not when she and Ringo fight. He tells her he needs a break until the exams are over because her attitude is stressing him out too much.

Kate won a spot in Jason Coleman’s school of dance, however she’s disappointed Harry and Sophie haven’t sorted out their differences. Sophie is making a cake for her late Mum’s birthday so Susan decides to talk to Harry instead. When they get home, they find Sophie in the midst of an emergency – the house is full of smoke and the cake is ruined. Sophie realises then that she needs her brother’s support and they make up, finally.

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