Donna’s Bad News: Will her dad die?

Donna and her dad Derek make plans for a holiday, just the two of them. But then Ric tells Donna that her dad’s cancer has spread and the outlook is bleak. Donna refuses to accept this and hides the scan from Derek – getting Penny into more trouble with Ric. She then gets a second opinion from Michael. But the scan is exactly the same and so Donna has to tell her father that he has terminal cancer.

Penny’s dream is to become a CT surgeon and she wants to observe a CT operation with Jac and Connie. Elliot sees how well Penny deals with the diagnosis of a tricky patient and is impressed. After her run-in with Ric, Penny misses the start of the operation due to Jac not telling her about it. Connie is furious that she’s late and tells her to leave. Elliot and Tara lets Penny join in with their procedure and she jumps at the chance.

Mark notices Chrissie and Oliver flirting and asks Chrissie about her feelings. As a result, Chrissie decides to distance herself from the F1. Oliver is out of his depth on a busy AAU, and Chrissie steps in to help him. Gratefully, Oliver gives her a peck on the cheek…