Rachel is increasingly puzzled by Donna’s strange behaviour. And she is disturbed when she comes across Donna trying on her clothes.

Toadie doesn’t know what to do when Callum goes on a hunger strike to avoid returning to school. But Steph comes to the rescue, helping Toadie find a way through Callum’s manipulative tactics. Later, when Toadie seeks Steph out to say thanks for her help, he comes across Steph and fireman Jay in a clinch and realises he’s too late to win her back.

After legal advice from Tim Collins, Paul manages to get all his assets back, leading Elle to worry that he will misuse his newfound money and power. And she’s further shocked when she realises the lengths Paul will go to influence her life.

Libby is curious when a pile of letters arrives at the Kennedy house, marked ‘return to sender’. She is surprised to learn that they are all love letters Rachel has been sending to Angus in jail. Later, Rachel is heartbroken to see her letters returned and is finally forced to face up to her former teacher’s rejection.

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