Donna can’t help being rattled when she comes face to face with Saffron and is left to do a project on her own after Saffron turns her classmates against her. Donna struggles with the task, and things go from bad to worse when she is accused of wearing real snake skin. The other classmates confront Donna and throw a tin of red paint over her!

Zeke and Mia try to figure out a way to salvage Donna’s display. When Mia remarks that if she didn’t know the snake skin top was fake, she probably would have done the same thing, Donna has a brainwave. The lecturer is bowled over by Donna’s presentation and even Saffron is impressed, begrudgingly selecting Donna as the winner.

Susan is shocked when she walks in on Zeke and Mia in a compromising position. She knew Mia was back on the scene, but she’s angry at Karl for allowing Mia into the house. Meanwhile, Donna spots Mia talking to Detective Skinner, and starts to suspect Zeke’s new girlfriend is not all she seems. Will Donna risk her renewed friendship with Zeke to uncover the truth? And will the stress over Mia put Karl’s health at risk?

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