Donna faces heartbreak this week when she hears some devastating news about her ex-boyfriend, Kieran. While buying her morning coffee, Donna is distracted by a TV news report from Afghanistan. Hearing that the unit that Keiran’s working as a military nurse with has been hit by enemy fire, Donna is badly shaken and passes out.

When she comes round, Donna learns further bad news via a phone call from Kieran’s mum. Kieran has been injured, but it is unclear to what extent. However, his injuries are bad enough to mean that the army nurse has been flown back to the UK and is receiving treatment at a nearby military hospital. Though she’s shocked, Donna decides not to rush to his bedside, much to colleague Elizabeth’s concern.

But during the course of their shift, Elizabeth soon manages to talk sense to her headstrong friend, and convinces Donna that if she still loves Kieran, she has to go to him. With emotions running high, Donna defies her boss Chrissie and quits mid-shift to be with Kieran. Is this a new start for the pair?

Also this week: Chrissie starts training for her new role; Sahira’s loyalties are put to the test.