Donna’s under pressure!

Donna chooses her internship over Kate again, instead of helping with an important Deb committee meeting. Ringo knows how fickle the world of fame and fortune can be and warns Donna not to sacrifice her principals. Back at work, a design goes wrong and Saffron demands everyone works on giving her something fabulous and original first thing in the morning, if not they can forget about their job.

Conscious she might lose her job, Donna freaks out and desperately looks for inspiration before finding an undiscovered designer’s idea on the internet! She really needs to get back in Saffron’s good books – but what will happen if Saffron finds out the design isn’t hers?

Steph tells Libby that she is getting a few bites on her property, so if she wants to buy her house she really needs to decide now! So Libby bites the bullet, and makes a decision without Dan. However, Karl is concerned about her need to go ahead without Dan, is she trying to prove a point that if he continues to put Sam ahead of her, that she’ll move on with her life without him!

Toadie and Callum invite Lucas to look after Rocky to keep his mind off the ‘E’ word! Lucas keeps up a brave front, but deep down he’s worried that Elle may not return from New York.

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