Donny is attacked!

Debbie’s a witness as Donny is bundled into the back of a car by a group of thugs. When he later reappears, covered in blood and bruises, Chrissie is horrified. Presuming the attackers were the same men who did a number on Robert, she wants to phone the police. Donny manages to persuade his ex to keep the law out of it. But why? And will Chrissie take pity and ask Donny to stick around in the village?

The police come looking for Aaron, who’s still missing but has been reported for attacking James. It puts Chas in a spin as her son is already on a suspended sentence. Determined to find out who reported him, worried mum Chas vows to break every bone in the guilty party’s body if her AWOL son doesn’t return…

Guilty Ali has to tell Sean she won’t be able to visit him in hospital as she can’t get out of work. At the factory, Lisa overhears Jai saying they’re understaffed and sneakily gets Belle onboard. But with Jai having already refused Belle a position, will the factory boss take kindly to Lisa’s scheming?