*First episode*

Rhona, Laurel and Donna have tried and failed to persuade Marlon to be a part of April’s life, but it’s the little girl herself who eventually manages to win him over. When April approaches her dad, Marlon’s touched and begins to have a change of heart. Spotting Donna and April leaving the village with Bob, Marlon steps in front of the car, forcing Bob to slam on the brakes. But before anyone can say anything, Donna has a dizzy spell and has to be taken to hospital, leaving Marlon to look after his daughter.    

Megan’s disappointed when she’s stood up by Jai so finds an excuse to see him at the factory, but she can’t help but wonder if he really likes her, or if he’s only interested in getting back at Charity and Declan.

In the pub, Vanessa hands a letter to Gemma’s grieving dad Dom, but the missive angers him, and the sight of Cain only adds fuel to the fire. After a couple of drinks, Dom squares up to Cain, but Harriet intervenes before things turn violent. As Harriet steers Dom away, Vanessa reads the letter and soon discovers the reason behind his angry behaviour…