Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie are at their best in this brilliant, iconic 1970s film.

They play a married couple who travel to Venice after the tragic drowning of their young daughter.

Soon they get involved with two odd sisters (Hilary Mason and Clelia Matania), one of whom is a psychic.

Meanwhile, all kinds of strange and seemingly supernatural things start happening, with Sutherland plagued by visions as well as glimpses of a child in a red hooded coat…

Nicolas Roeg’s film is a complex movie puzzle in which nothing is what it seems.

The film earned notoriety at the time of its cinema release for an extended and explicit scene of lovemaking between the two stars – but it’s one of the few movie sex scenes that conveys a real sense of tenderness and bliss.

Bizarrely chilling and beautifully shot, this is a classic horror film with one of the most memorably shocking endings in movie history.